Forest Inventory is a business I set up in 2015 just prior to my leaving the Forestry Commission after 37 plus years in the commercial forestry sector. The primary aim is to provide a mapping service to the forestry, agricultural and environmental sectors in the North East of England although I am available for other types of forestry work from crop inventory, crop valuations to consultation work on bidding for contracts.

Since 2001 I have developed an interest in the use of remote sensing technology in the forest context, from the use of satellite imagery, LiDAR both aerial and terrestrial laser scanning though to the use of UAV’s as a means of gathering data for high resolution imagery, 3D modeling and NDVI mapping. As part of the process I have links with several universities but the main link is with Durham and Prof Danny Donoghue.

I am now in to my fifth year as a CAA PFCO  caa-logooperator and a BNUC-S™ Qualified Pilot. Forest Inventory is now part ot the UK trade association ARPAS-UK and has full Public Liability Insurance.



Some of our clients include:


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