Site Monitoring Services

Want to know the state of play with your operations? then we can organise periodic aerial flights that will provide you with up to date information on what stage your site is at, enable you to gather data on progress, see where you are on you timeline, spot potential issues and demonstrate compliance.

For example; If you are a forestry client wanting to monitor progress on a harvesting site then with a monthly aerial survey you will be able to accurately:
a. Accurately determine the area felled
b. The area left to be felled
c. The area of timber still at stump
d. An estimation of timber at roadside
e. The condition of site drains, water courses and the condition extraction routes.
If crop information can be provided along with harvester production figure then the quantity of management that can be assessed vastly increases.

This monitoring process can be and is being used by building and construction companies allowing things like volumetric be used to measure and monitor piles of material.

The process equally applies to environmental and farming clients that want to monitor change on what ever time scale is appropriate for crops growing in their fields or monitoring changes in heather on moorlands. Areas can be accurately mapped and provide data for government departments, grants and insurance purposes.

To discuss how this technology can be used in your situation please contact Forest Inventory for free exploratory discussion on your requirements.

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